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than the sum of its parts.

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Are you looking to create a deeper connection in your relationship?

No matter how long you’ve been together, how much you love each other, or what your relationship goals are, a relationship can always improve.

By really, truly, deeply understanding each other you can build a solid foundation that will ultimately create a relationship that not only withstands life’s ups and downs, but also supports the two of you in achieving your wildest dreams.


Couplet is a self-paced online program, designed by a highly experienced psychotherapist and a clinical psychologist married couple to help couples better understand each other and grow together.


A Match Made in Planning.

How it works

Based on 25-years of working with couples in a therapeutic setting, Couplet has been carefully developed to help couples to become reintroduced to one another. The result is a flexible program that will support a healthier relationship with a clear direction.



Some Words from Our Couples

"This has been a program that has really opened my eyes to new possibilities in my relationship with my partner for our life together. I feel we have gained a much deeper understanding of each other, and also some of the things that were blocking us from achieving are now clearer. We also have great tools to go on working constructively."

- Jamie and Anna
   NSW, Australia

"Some of the exercises in Couplet are simply amazing, creative, fun and insightful. My husband and I felt really in tune as we worked together on creating our shared vision. Thank you for such a wonderful experience in developing our relationship."

- Samantha K
  NSW, Australia


"We were struggling when we came to do this program as we thought our dreams and what we individually wanted were in conflict. The program not only gave us the skills and a path forward to show us how we could have and do it all, but through dreaming and creating our wildest dreams, we have already realised our initial dreams and much more. We are so grateful for this program and are closer in our marriage than we have ever been."


I love this course as it is raising awareness of who we are, who our partner is, where we both came from and how this reflects in our relationships. It also provides us with the tools to map out our next steps - so we are both on the same page moving forward, aware of each other as we walk together. Thank you for making this course available and with such clarity. I'd recommend it to any couple to do it at least once (ideally we would all revisit it when it's time to review our joint happiness).

- Duda B



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