A relationship is more

than the sum of its parts.

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Are you looking to create a deeper connection in your relationship?

No matter how long you’ve been together, how much you love each other, or what your relationship goals are, a relationship can always improve.

By really, truly, deeply understanding each other you can build a solid foundation that will ultimately create a relationship that not only withstands life’s ups and downs, but also supports the two of you in achieving your wildest dreams.


Couplet is a self-paced online program, designed by a highly experienced psychotherapist and a clinical psychologist married couple to help couples better understand each other and grow together.

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Couplet will provide you with practical and creative tools to communicate more effectively and map out a shared vision of your dreams.


Most of us have not received training on how to be in a relationship, how to set dreams or goals or how to negotiate the everyday problems and conflicts that affect us all.

Using verbal and creative techniques, Couplet is a fun and enjoyable way to break down the barriers that form in every relationship. This approach provides much wanted clarity and will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and doing, rather than just talking.

How Couplet works
  • Complete at your own pace - over a weekend or over 6 months. The choice is yours.
  • The program consists of 7 easy to follow sessions, designed to take you on a journey of discovery, understanding and future planning.
  • Using unique and non-traditional techniques, this program will uncover what truly makes you tick and will show you how to build a future together, where both of your needs are acknowledged.
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A match made in planning

Couplet is an opportunity to re-introduce yourselves, dream and set goals together.

How to discover shared values and live by them consciously without compromise.


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