A relationship program for busy couples.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to become caught up in the everyday activities of life and forget to take the time to nurture our relationships.

However spending even a little time to rediscover each other can support a healthier relationship, with a clearer direction for the future.


How Couplet can help busy couples:



The program is flexible and can be completed over a weekend or over the space of 6 months. It has been designed so that it can be picked up, put down and revisited many times over to fit into your life.

Now translated into an online format, you can work through the program at home or on a special weekend away.



The program provides couples with practical and creative tools to communicate more effectively, clearly map out a shared vision of their dreams and move forward in life with a strategy.

Using verbal and creative techniques, Couplet is a fun and enjoyable way to break down the barriers that form in every relationship. This approach provides much wanted clarity and will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction after 'doing' rather than just talking.


Get the future you're after, faster.

Taking the time to understand who you each are, what has influenced each of you to date, what your motivators are to share this life together, as well as what kind of life you wish to create, allows you to design a 'business plan' for your relationship.

It is our hope that the program will provide a helpful structure for your relationship, so that you will discover the answers that support your way of living and loving.