How it works

Couplet is an online program for couples wanting to reenergise their relationship and gain more clarity and focus on their life path.

The course is flexible - it can be completed over a weekend or over the space of 6 months. It has been designed so that it can be picked up, put down and revisited many times over.

The online program consists of 7 sessions designed to provide a continuity of process.  In each session, Cheryl and David, our experienced facilitators, will accompany you through the exercise via a video and printable workbook.

Using unique and non-traditional techniques, the journey can be enjoyable and satisfying to complete.

There are many elements and phases to having a rich and meaningful relationship.
In the Couplet program we seek to support your growth through:



Learning how to create a safer space in the relationship for honest and open dialogue.  Learning to carefully and non-judgementally listen to each others thoughts, feelings, wants and don’t-wants and working towards building self awareness and a deeper understanding of who each other is and importantly, who each other is also becoming.



Through the exercises we encourage reflection on how you interact and how you give each other speaking space. This allows each person to be heard in a way that you each feel seen, heard and understood.  The importance of both kindness and firmness that conveys a mood of both respect and integrity in the relationship are reinforced.


Navigating INTIMACY

The million dollar question; how do we manage dependency versus independency?  We are social beings seeking to connect. To acknowledge we are dependent on each other is often the first step of courage to being in an intimate relationship and to know that we can do love. It is in taking responsibility for this process, that we find our real freedom within the dependent, committed relationship.